How to Get Help

If you need help with your website both the Web Services Group in IT Services (WSG) and the Office of Public Affairs and Communications (PAC) are there to support you.

Generally, WSG handles custom programming and broken websites while PAC handles Drupal training, design and editor support.

In any case, when requesting help you should use an Online Support Ticket—your request will be sent to the appropriate group.

Online Support Tickets are tracked until resolution and will not be lost in email inboxes or voice mail.

To open an Online Support Ticket select the image below:

Open an Online Support Ticket button

If you just need to know how to do basic tasks in Drupal 7 you can go directly to the Online Guide.

It contains lessons for all the basic functions an editor might need to do.

Select the image below to open the Online Guide.

Drupal 7 Guide button