Dr. Susan M. Holloway

Dr. Susan Holloway

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Email: holloway@uwindsor.ca
Phone: (519) 253-3000 ext 3818
Office: Room 3328, Leonard & Dorothy Neal Education Building

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Associate Professor, Ph.D. University of Manitoba

Principal Grants:

Gouthro, P.A. (Principal Investigator) & Holloway, S.M. (Co-Investigator). (2014-2017). “Stories of Learning”: Creative literacies and lifelong learning:Exploring learning sites and creative educational opportunities around reading and writing fiction Social Science and Humanities Insight Research Grant. ($148,338.00)

Gouthro, P.A. (Principal Investigator) & Holloway, S.M. (Collaborator). (2009-2014). Creating a Canadian "Voice": Lifelong Learning, the Craft of Fiction Writing, and Citizenship. Social Science and Humanities Standard Research Grant. ($138,454.00)           

Holloway, S.M. (Principal Investigator). (2015-2017). Tools for Thought: Situating Language within a Multiliteracies Theoretical Framework. University of Windsor Women’s Grant. ($5,000.00) (Related web platform found at www.multiliteraciesproject.com).

Gouthro, P.A. (Principal Investigator) & Holloway, S.M. (Co-Investigator). (2013-14).Lifelong Learning and Conferences: An Initial Exploration of Learning Opportunities and Conferences. Mount Saint Vincent University Internal Research Grant. ($6,999.80)                        

Holloway, S.M. (Principal Investigator). (2011-12). Preparing Teachers to Become Lifelong Learners: Exploring Effective Educational Strategies of Critical Teacher Educators. University of Windsor Tri-Success Grant Program. ($5,000.00)  

Holloway, S.M. (Principal Investigator) & Greig, C.J.  (Co-investigator). ( (2009-2010). A Preliminary Critical Investigation into the Intermediate and Secondary English Classroom: Exploring Teachers Self-Regulatory Practices of Censorship. University of Windsor Humanities and Social Science Research Grant. ($5,000.00)

Research Interests Icon Research Interests

  • Multiliteracies
  • critical literacy
  • multimodal literacies
  • content area literacy
  • critical theory
  • feminist theory
  • second language acquisition theory
  • adult education
  • Canadian literature

Courses Taught Icon Courses Taught

Pre-Service Courses

  • 05-80-356  English Methodology I/S
  • 05-80-334  Language across the Curriculum I/S
  • 05-80-209  Critical Analysis of Social, Global & Cultural Issues (JIS)
  • 05-80-324  Language arts J/I

Graduate Courses

  • 05-80-540  Language, Culture, and Society
  • 05-80-556  Approaches to Literacy developement
  • 05-81-539  Second Language Teaching
  • 05-81-557  English Language Arts for Secondary Teachers

Publications Icon Publications

PUBLICATIONS (Refereed Journal Articles)

R            Greig, C. & Holloway, S.M. (2015, hard copy edition forthcoming). A Foucauldian analysis of literary text selection practices and educational policies in Ontario, Canada. Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education. DOI: 10.1080/01596306.2015.1043239.

R            Holloway, S.M. & Gouthro, P.A. (2014). (invited submission for special edition). A Foucauldian analysis: Adult education and publishing Canadian fiction in a globalized context. RELA: The European Journal for Research on the Education of Learning of Adults5(1), 81-96.

R            Gouthro, P. A., & Holloway, S. M. (2013). Reclaiming the radical: Using fiction to explore adult learning connected to citizenship, Studies in the Education of Adults, 45(1): 41-56.

R            Gouthro, P.A. & Holloway, S.M. (2013). Preparing teachers to become lifelong  learners: Exploring the use of fiction to develop multiliteracies and critical thinking. Special Issue of Language and Literacy, 15(3): 50-68.

R            Holloway, S.M. (2012). Visual literacies and multiliteracies: An ecology arts-based pedagogical model. Language and Literacy, 14(3), 150-168.

R            Holloway, S.M. (2011). Literature circles: Encouraging critical literacy, dual language reading, and multi-modal approaches. Winnipeg, Manitoba: English Quarterly, 42(3-4), 21-35.

R            Holloway, S.M. & Greig, C.J. (2011). Literary text selections in secondary school classrooms: Exploring the Practices of English Teachers as Agents of Change, Brock Education: A Journal of Educational Research and Practice, 20(2), 25-42.

R            Holloway, S. M., & Gouthro, P. A. (2011). Teaching resistant novice educators to be critically reflective. Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of  Education, 32(1), 29-41.

R            Holloway, S. M., & Salinitri, G. (2010). Investigating teacher candidates’ mentoring of students at risk of academic failure: A Canadian experiential field model. Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning, 18(4), 383-403.

R            Holloway, S.M. (2009). Using literature in adult learning contexts to address contentious issues of race, culture, power, and priveledge. Transformative Dialogues: Teaching and Learning Journal. Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Vancouver, Bitish Columbia 2(3), 1-24.

PUBLICATIONS (Refereed Book Chapters)

R           Greig, C. J., & Holloway, S. M. (2012). Canadian manhood in ‘crisis’?: Gender, justice and the politics of masculinities. In C. Greig & W.  Martino (Eds.), Canadian men and masculinities: Historical and  contemporary perspectives (p.p. 119-138).Toronto: Canadian Scholar Press.

R           Holloway, S.M., & Williams, J. (2014, in press). Introducing literary theory to students using a multiliteracies theoretical framework: An example of theory to practice. In K. Magro & J. Jones (Eds.), New Voice and Vision in Literacy Learning: Encouraging Transformative Learning    Descartes University, Paris and The University of Ulm, Germany: International Centre for Innovation in Education.

R         Gouthro, P.A. & Holloway, S.M. (2015, in press). Feminism and femininities: Learning gender through fiction. Clover, D.E., Butterwick, S. Chovanec, D. & Collins, L. Women, adult education and leadership in Canada. Toronto: Canadian Women’s Scholars Press.

PUBLICATIONS (Refereed Conference Proceedings)

R            Holloway, S.M., Gouthro, P.A., Careless, E.J. (2014). Women’s experiences in learning to write fiction: Exploring gendered engagement in communities of practice. Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education (CASAE), Congress, St. Catharine’s, Ontario, p.p. 133-136.

R            Gouthro, P.A., Holloway, S.M. (2014). Conferences as lifelong learning sites:Engaging with different communities of practice. Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education (CASAE), Congress, St. Catharine’s, Ontario, p.p. 107-110.

R            Gouthro, P.A., Holloway, S.M., & Careless, E.J. (2013). Lifelong learning and Canadian writers: Fiction writing, citizenship, and learning around identity issues. Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education.

R            Gouthro, P.A. & Holloway, S.M. (2012). Disciplinary Boundaries and Creative Pedagogical Practices. Society for Research into Higher Education. Newport, Wales, UK.

R            Gouthro, P.A., Holloway, S.M. & Careless, E. (2012). Fiction writing and lifelong learning: Reflecting on the role of educators in fostering well-being and happiness. Standing Conference of University Teachers and Educators of Adults. England.

R            Gouthro, P.A., Holloway, S.M. & Careless, E.J. (2012) Critical Literacies and Democratic Learning: Using Fiction Reading and Writing to Engage in Lifelong Learning Connected to Citizenship. Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education. Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, pp.138-144. 

R           Gouthro, P.A., Holloway, S.M. & Careless, E.J. (2011) Creative pedagogical approaches Using fiction to prepare educators for working in international and intercultural contexts. Standing Conference of University Teachers and Educators of Adults (SCUTREA). University of Lancaster, Lancaster, England, UK. p.p. 58-65.

R            Gouthro, P.A., Holloway, S.M. & Careless, E.J. (2011). Fiction writing and learning for critical citizenship: Exploring the potential of reading and writing fiction to foster democratic learning opportunities. Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education (CASAE), Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Toronto, Ontario. p.p. 247-253.

R            Gouthro, P.A., & Holloway, S.M. (2010). Cultivating wisdom: Fostering critically reflective learning through an interdisciplinary approach to university teaching that draws upon fiction writing and reading. Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE), Newport, Wales, UK. 3 pages.

R            Gouthro, P. A. & Holloway, S. M. (2010). Reclaiming the radical: Using fiction to challenge the ‘facts’ of a neoliberal discourse in lifelong learning. Standing Conference for University Teachers and Educators of Adults (SCUTREA), University of Warwick, Warwick, UK. Retrieved from Http://www.leeds.ac.uk/bei/COLN/COLN_default.html. p. 1-7.

R            Holloway, S. M., & Gouthro, P. A. (2010). Lifelong learning (and unlearning) about identity and citizenship through creative writing and Canadian fiction. Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education (CASAE). 79th Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences.Concordia University. Montreal, Quebec. p. 161-165.

R            Gouthro, P. A. & Holloway, S. M. (2009). Fact or fiction? A critical assessment of an alternative framework for knowledge construction using fiction to explore issues around identity and citizenship for Education students in Canadian universities. Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE) Newport, Wales, UK. p. 1-3.

PUBLICATIONS (Professional Journals)

Holloway, S.M. (2014, editorial invited publication; revised version of earlier peer reviewed publication). Visual literacies and multiliteracies: An ecology arts-based pedagogical model. Fine Print, 37(2), 13-16.

Holloway, S.M. (2014). Kudos to Congress for childcare. [Letter to the editor]. Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences Congress website. Editorial invitation to republish this letter in the Canadian Association of  University Teachers Bulletin, 61(7).


Holloway, S.M. (2015,). Book Review: Feminist History in Canada [Review of the book Feminist History in Canada: New Essays on Women, Gender, Work, and  Nation, edited by Carstairs, C. & Janovicek, N.]. Vancouver, BC: UBC Press. The Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education, 27(2), p. 123-125.

PUBLICATIONS (Submitted)  

R            Greig, C.J. & Holloway, S.M. (2015). Individual Governmentality in the Production of the ‘Good’ Citizen: Exploring neoliberal rhetoric in Ontario educational policies, 2003-2010.   (submitted to Journal of  Education Policy.)

R            Holloway, S.M. (2015). The intertwining of Canadian fiction, gender, history in understanding  social identities: Colonialism revisited in Anne Hébert's Kamouraska. (Submitted to Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture and Social Justice.)

R            Gouthro, P.A. &  Holloway, S.M. (2015). Fiction and reflective learning. Standing Conference of University Teachers and Educators of Adults (SCUTREA). Conference Proceedings submitted. University of Leeds, Leeds, England, UK.

Education Icon Education

PhD., University of Manitoba
B.Ed., University of Toronto
M.A., University of Manitoba
B.A., Trent University

Recent Graduate Supervision

MacLaren, B. (2011-2014). Portfolio stage.

Coral, M. (2011-2014). Portfolio stage.