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Trant team overview

Welcome to The Trant Team

Introduction to the Trant Group

image of chemical structureWe are a synthetic bioorganic/materials group focused on applying the tools of synthetic organic chemistry to the challenges of biology, medicine and materials science.Our chemistry involves developing new unnatural amino acids and carbohydrates and making more stable artificial oligosaccharides and peptides for immunological and anti-cancer applications, and using these biomaterials as the basis for new classes of sustainable materials for a variety of applications including smart drug-delivery, environmentally benign plastics, and for use as nano probes for medical diagnostics. But we do other things too: using computational simulations to develop new chemical tools and to design new drugs; supramolecular chemistry to make nano-containers so that we can identify biologically-relevant biomolecules; and we also make challenging new molecules, or compounds isolated from natural sources, as potential new therapies for a host of diseases including cancer, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions! Our team includes synthetic chemists, computational chemists, analytical chemists, supramolecular and nanoscale chemists and engineers, biologists, biochemists and materials scientists! We have broad interests in science.

Academic and Industrial Collaboration

We are always interested in applying our expertise in bioorganic chemistry to other challenges. Interested academic and industrial partners are encouraged to contact Dr. Trant to explore possible areas of mutual interest and benefit. For Canadian industrial partners, further financial support may be obtained through a joint proposal to MITACS or NSERC Alliance

Join the group?

Are you a prospective graduate student who loves synthetic chemistry and wants to use these tools to solve problems in biology and medicine? Us too! Do carbohydrates and peptides get you embarrassingly excited? Us too! How about using biomolecules to make the sustainable materials of the future? That’s us too. Do you love living in Canada but hate the winters? We are the Southern-most department in the country and have very mild winters and very long warm autumns. How about the best cost of living in the country?

Wow we have a lot in common. We should talk. You can find contact information right here.  Members of under-represented groups (including first-generation students), racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities are especially encouraged to contact me.

**We are actively looking for perspective computational chemists (molecular modelling of protein-ligand interactions) and synthetic chemists who want to do a PhD or MSc! Multiple positions available. Competitive funding for Canadian permanent residents and citizens. The same funding is available for international students, but tuition is higher for these individuals.**

We are also starting to look for next year's (Fall 2020) incoming undergraduate class! Are you coming to UWindsor to study Science? We are looking for you! 

No experience necessary. Passion required. 

**WE ARE HIRING! Looking for 8 (!!!) Postdocs. Two in analytical chemistry; one in molecular biology; three in computational biochemistry/medicinal chemistry/chemistry; and 2 in synthetic organic chemsitry and/or natural product chemistry. Please see the "Open Positions" tab for details.**

Come join our adventure by looking at the links on our website above!


Come join us in Windsor. The Beginning of Canada.















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