President's Welcome

President Wildeman and university collage

On behalf of all members of our community I welcome you to the University of Windsor.

We are a comprehensive university that combines excellence in teaching, research and creative practice with a commitment to build stronger communities, to treat all people with respect and dignity, and to address society’s pressing needs.

We are committed to providing students with an educational experience that will serve them for a lifetime. Students at the University of Windsor benefit from our personal approach to teaching and learning, and from the many services we provide to create a dynamic and supportive campus. A diverse community of students and scholars, and participation in a wide range of distinctive industrial, entrepreneurial and cultural activities throughout the City of Windsor and Essex County, combine to make the University of Windsor stand out as a unique educational institution. The University’s position between Canada and the United States, on the Great Lakes, and adjacent to the world’s busiest border crossing, attunes it to the many consequences of globalization, and to the study of their impacts.

The dependence of our future world on knowledge and innovation has never been more evident. The University of Windsor is a place where scholarship and research across the arts, sciences and humanities, and the professions, are revealing new insights into our world and enhancing the quality of life. Everywhere you go on the campus, you will find scholars who are internationally renowned in matters of the environment, the automobile, innovative engineering, social justice, creative arts, humanities, law, business, education, nursing, and the social, physical and biological sciences. Students at the University of Windsor are able to benefit from the close relationship that exists between research, creative practice, and teaching. We also are providing greater opportunities for graduate students, recognizing that advanced education and research training will be essential for future innovation.

You are invited to explore our campus and learn more. Our faculty, staff and students will help you understand what we are about and what we are doing in our distinctive ways to make our university the unique and wonderful place it is. Perhaps most importantly, you will find that alumni of the University of Windsor, and of Assumption University, our forerunner, share our pride.

Alan Wildeman
President and Vice-Chancellor