Leddy Library

Show of appreciation relieves exam-time stress for students

Mohammad Malhi and Ali Al-MahdiEngineering students Mohammad Malhi and Ali Al-Mahdi enjoy coffee and cookies, provided free Thursday by Leddy Library staff.

After pulling an all-night study session, first-year engineering student Mohamad Malhi was pleased to find coffee waiting for him Thursday in the Leddy Library’s lobby. Library staff distributed free coffee and cookies to patrons for its biannual Student Appreciation Day.

“It’s nice the university is doing this for us,” Malhi said as he sipped his drink. “I also really appreciate that the library is open all night during exams.”

Proceeds of the library’s book sale covered the cost of the goodies.

Open Access Opens Windsor to the World, says librarian

Open Access Opens Windsor to the WorldOctober 20 to 26 is International Open Access Week.

Making its scholarship freely available opens the University of Windsor to the world, says information service librarian Dave Johnston.

“It is a perfect theme for International Open Access Week,” he says.

Open Access literature is digital material available online, free of charge and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. Running October 20 to 26, the week draws attention to the benefits of Open Access to research and seeks to make it the new norm in scholarship.


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