Kevin Johnson

DailyNews to stick to daily publication through next week

In contrast to previous practice, DailyNews will publish each weekday through December 21, as well as January 2, 3 and 4 in the new year.

“Some of those editions might be pretty short, given people’s schedules,” says editor Kevin Johnson. “However, we are trying to provide the best possible service and hope that retaining daily publication will make it easier for readers to get the information they need.”

DailyNews to incorporate facilities notices

Facility Services has a new way to notify the campus about interruptions in service to campus buildings.

DailyNews will publish its announcements automatically alongside its news columns.

“This new system will allow facilities staff to issue updates by the minute,” says editor Kevin Johnson. “The department is responsible for the content of its messages and can change any notice to reflect the most current information.”

The facilities announcements are available for syndication across all UWindsor Web sites using the Drupal content management system.