Susan Dennison

Nursing students work to raise awareness of patient safety

With a theme of “For Everyone’s Protection, Prevent the Infection,” the School of Nursing engaged students and faculty in Patient Safety Awareness Week, January 21 to 25.

Students competed in a trivia game, mounted poster presentations on hygiene and germ control, and held a fashion show to display the latest in personal protective wear—everything from masks and gloves to gowns and eye shields.

The week of activities was the first organized by the Patient Safety Champions, along with instructors Michelle Freeman and Susan Dennison.

Nursing faculty appoints Patient Safety Champions

Patient safety is critical for everyone working in health care, and now the Faculty of Nursing has a group of student volunteers who will be championing the cause.

The faculty recently announced the appointment of its first Patient Safety Champions.

“The program is focused on advancing the understanding of the science of patient safety and quality improvement in our nursing students,” said Susan Dennison, a professor in the faculty, who along with colleague Michelle Freeman announced the appointments last week.