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Windsor Mayor Tours IDIR

Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens (r.) listened to Dr. Andriy Chertov (l.) presentation on the “In-Line Spot Weld Quality Analysis” project, during his recent visit to UWindsor’s  Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research.

Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens paid a visit recently to UWindsor’s  Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research to get a close-up look at a number of research projects currently under development with local community partners.

Dilkens was accompanied by IDIR Director General, Dr. Roman Maev, and Vice-President, Research and Innovation, Dr. K.W. Michael Siu, as he toured the facilities and received briefings on such projects as Improving Pathological Evaluation of Breast Cancer Using Ultra-High-Frequency Acoustic Microscopy; Ultrasonic Transcranial Imaging Systems; and Brain Phantom Start Up, Correction of Sleep Architecture by Electrostimulation; and Biometric Fingerprint Project.

“During my tour, it was great to see so many recent University of Windsor graduates finding work in their respective fields, right here in Windsor,” says Dilkens.

“Dr. Maev and his team are working on many innovative technologies with exciting applications in the fields of biomedicine, biometrics and automotive manufacturing. This really reinforced what I’ve known all along, that Windsor is home to a wealth of expertise that industries desire.”

The Mayor says he hoped that IDIR expertise would continue to attract new and innovative companies to locate their operations in Windsor.

Established in 2008, the Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research (IDIR) at the University of Windsor is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative research and innovation centre whose primary focus is on the development of innovative diagnostic imaging technologies and products. The Institute has been consistently recognized as a world leader in the development of technology that is saving time, money and lives.