Computerized Exams

The Student Services Office currently administers approximately 2000 examinations each academic year in approximately 80 courses.    In 2012, SLS conducted a survey which indicated that 98% of the survey respondents utilize a laptop regularly both in and outside the classroom.   A student referendum, held that year, found that a majority of students favoured the option to type examinations.  

ExamSoft, currently the market choice for universities and bar examiners in Canada and the United States, creates a secure environment during the examination invigilation.   It operates seamlessly in both MAC and PC environments.  During the examination, ExamSoft blocks access to any other electronic or stored material on the laptop and essentially functions as an electronic examination booklet.  All other aspects of the examination experience remain the same.  You will receive the examination questions in hard copy.  The instructor will determine the format for the examination (open or closed book, essay, short answer and/or multiple choice) and will set the time allotted for the examination.  You will use your own laptop for the examinations.  

Students will maintain the right to complete examinations using the traditional examination booklets and pen. If you would like the option to type your examinations, you will need to register directly with ExamSoft. Registration instructions will be sent to your UWin email address.   The current fee for this option is $50.00 USD per student, per academic year.   We will provide additional information regularly and we have included an FAQ section of the "Computerized Examinations" tab on our website. 

We extend our thanks to the Student Law Society executive (past and present) for their assistance in bringing this additional service to Windsor Law.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Student Services Office.