University of Windsor Alumni Magazine

Spring 2011

There is a palpable energy on the University of Windsor campus. It vibrates with every brick that is laid in the new Centre for Engineering Innovation, and is reinforced with the enthusiasm of our students, staff, faculty and community partners who have captured our vision for this new place of discovery.

We’re constructing the premier address for innovation in the Windsor-Essex region that is poised to change the way we approach education, research and collaboration with likeminded organizations. This sense of heightened anticipation for a dynamic and prosperous future is not limited to the borders of our campus, it’s being felt in our region, in our country and, as we explore in this issue, around the world.

Like the blueprints that are guiding the construction of what will be the largest building on campus, our strategic plan has set the course for the University to reach its goals. Our academic offerings, business decisions, and future plans are aligned with our vision of being a student-centred university where the challenges of the world inform the education we provide, the research we do and the creative endeavours we pursue.

But we don’t do it alone. We recognize that it takes the combined efforts of all our partners to make these goals a reality. For example, the University recently formalized the strong relationship we have with the Alumni Association by signing a memo of understanding that outlines how we can continue to work together to reach our collective goals. This agreement builds our future and strengthens the commitment we have always had to focus on our students - past, present and future.

Celebrating the achievements of our students is one of the many rewards that comes with being a part of the University of Windsor. This past fall, we received the outstanding news that Joshua Chauvin is the first UWindsor student to win the world-renowned Rhodes Scholarship at the University of Oxford. His hard work, dedication to excellence and community involvement is a prime example of the calibre of students we are proud to call our own.

Joshua’s story is one of many that has captured national attention with our commitment to making a greater effort to promote all the positive news generated on our campus. We recently launched a website that lets anyone answer the question “Are You Proud?” by submitting a story idea that can help elevate the profile of UWindsor:

Many of the stories are from alumni who are grateful for the foundation UWindsor gave them for a lifetime of success both professionally and personally, which we are thrilled to use in our marketing promotions. Other submissions have become news articles, gaining media attention that is working to change the conversation about UWindsor’s contributions to knowledge creation and economic diversification.

We should not be shy about letting the world know how much our university is doing to contribute to the needs for cleaner energy, better health, safe water, stronger communities and new employment. Our continued focus on providing an exceptional student experience, telling compelling stories and creating spaces where innovation can thrive will guide our activities through 2011. It is an exciting time to be a part of the University and I invite you to share in the celebration in the following pages.

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Alan Wildeman
President and Vice-Chancellor