Looking for a volunteer student for your organization? We can help! We want to provide local employers with top-notch volunteers who can make a meaningful contribution.

The Program's mission is to provide students with the opportunity to:

  • Gain career-related, transferable skills
  • Explore employment in their field of study
  • Develop networking skills
  • Provide the students with an opportunity to get involved in the community

VIP operates each semester, including summer session. We place students within a non-profit or not-for-profit organization for a 10-week period. VIP students are required to volunteer 40 hours per semester. We suggest that students work four hours per week to balance school and possible employment schedules. 

Students who successfully complete the VIP Program and its requirements receive recognition on their official transcript and receive a Certificate of Achievement. Students are evaluated based on:

  • On-the-job performance
  • Completion of professional development workshops
  • Assignments offered through the Program
  • A final presentation

Additional Program Information

Each year, the Volunteer Internship Program (VIP) allows VIP employer's an opportunity to recognize a VIP student who was an exceptional volunteer and went above and beyond normal expectations while performing his or her tasks and representing the program. The VIP Program sees this award as a way to build awareness of the Program and encourage students to strive for the best learning experience and to encourage employers to make the most of their VIP Interns.  For 2013, Samantha Arpino was 1 of 2 winners for the Employer's Choice: Outstanding VIP Student Award.

Samantha Arpino 

"Professionally my internship with Cystic Fibrosis Canada's Local Chapter allowed me to gain experience and develop real world skills. Personally, it provided the opportunity to make lasting relationships, contribute my skills to a great cause and have a lot of fun in promoting the Princess Ball. I would definitely recommend VIP to everyone!"

Samantha Arpino