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The Open Page

Welcome to The Open Page! We're a collection of CC-licensed open videos & podcasts from the University of Windsor Faculty of Education. We overview edtech platforms and promises: our ongoing parade of tool reviews tells you what teachers need to know about new tech tools, student data, and differentiated learning possibilities. 

Teachers Talk... Kahoot vs. Mentimeter

Mentimeter and Kahoot are two popular poll/quiz platforms that allow educators - and all kinds of presenters - to put questions in front of live audiences. Each tool enables audiences to log in to respond, and to see group responses visualized in real time. In this showdown, we explore how Mentimeter offers a little more flexibility in terms of open-ended questions and types of visuals available, but Kahoot's pricing has an edge. Watch and learn what both tools can offer your classroom.

License: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)