Welcome to your first year at the Faculty of Human Kinetics and into the HK Family!

As a first year student in HK, you are automatically a member of the Kin-One Experience Program!

Mentors collage

What is the Kin-One Experience Program?

-The Kin-One First Year Experience program is designed to help you get comfortable on campus, connect with other students, and start to think of Kinesiology as home away from home.  It is a program that is unique to Human Kinetics, and is also specific to our first year students. We assist first year students by providing a network of peer support even before they are sitting in their first university class!

How does the Kin-One Experience Program work?

-All first year students will be assigned to small groups (12-16 students per group), which will be led by a Kin-One Leader. Your Kin-One Leader is an upper year HK student that has made it through university successfully, and is there to provide support, advice, and basically "show you the ropes" for success in HK.  You will meet your Kin-One Leader, and your Kin-One group, during Kin-One Kick-Off Event at Windsor Welcome Week (Sept 11).  After the Kin-One Kick-off Event, your Kin-One Leader will communicate with you on a regular basis throughout the year. This communication can be through email, phone, in class, or even grabbing a coffee on campus! They are there to ensure you're adapting to university life, performing well in classes, and having fun in the HK Family!

What other services does the Kin-One Experience Program have to offer?

-Along with regular communication with your Kin-One Leaders and groups, you will be able to participate in a series of workshops throughout the year! These workshops will be in areas of: time management, taking notes in class, how to read your material effectively, study tips, exam preparation, preparing for multiple choice exams, writing skills etc. They are led by Kin-One Leaders and are specific to being an HK student.

- You will also receive academic counselling from our Undergraduate Coordinator, Prof. Tiffany Martindale. She meets with all first year students to discuss course selections, possible career paths and goals, and to ensure that everyone is making a smooth transition from high school.

If you should have any questions regarding the Kin-One Experience Program, please email Prof. Tiffany Martindale

Take a look around. Get involved. Ask questions. And have a great first year!