Academic and Non-Academic Misconduct

Report of Academic Misconduct
Form for Instructors and Heads (Report of Academic Misconduct - AI Form 1)
Form for Adjudicator (normally Associate Deans) (Decision - AI Form 2)
Form for Student (Appeal of Decision of Adjudicator - AI Form 3)
Discipline Appeal Committee Membership (3)
Prof. David Tanovich (Chair)
Dr. Maureen Muldoon
Student Representatives: Dr. Ed King (OPUS) or Ms. Zeina Merheb (UWSA) or Mr. Sathish Pichika (GSS)
Faculty Alternates: Dr. Andrew Hubberstey, Dr. Daniel Green
Report of Non-Academic Misconduct 
Form for any Member of the University Community (Report of Non-Academic Misconduct - NA Form 1.1)
Form for Student (Request for Appeal of Decision of AVP, Student Experience - NA Form 1.3) 
Extraordinary Power of Suspension and Exclusion from Campus
Form for Associate Vice-President, Student Experience (Order of Suspension or Exclusion from Campus - NA Form 2)