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Walpole Wide

ASB Walpole Island


ASB Walpole Island 2020 will return to Bkejwanong Kinomagawgamig, the primary school, and to the Heritage Centre on Walpole Island. This project will continue the work of supporting the school system at Bkejwanong, and will continue building cultural heritage capacity. Walpole Island is known as Bkejwanong among Anishinaabe peoples.

This trip partners with the University of Windsor's Faculty of Education and Aboriginal Education Centre staff.

The ASB 2019 trip participants enjoyed a transformational experience. Students in the Primary/Junior stream helped to run a Video Production Camp for Grade 4, 5, and 6 children at the school. Students in the Intermediate/Senior stream worked to develop curriculum documents at the Heritage Centre. That work needs to be continued, but there are other exciting opportunities to connect with the Alternative Education program and the local school system on Walpole. The overall goal of this work is to continue relationship building with the people of Bkejwanong, as part of our effort to contribute to cultural reconciation.

The 2020 trip will include contact time with Bkejwanong residents and cultural leaders, meals prepared by the team working with traditional foods, and early day trips to Bkejwanong during the Fall semester. We hope to include time staying in tii-piis during the February trip, so pack your winter camping clothes!

ASB Walpole Team: 15 - 20 student participants, 1 - 2 student leaders, and 2 faculty, staff, or graduate student leaders.

Cost: There is a program cost of $150 per student.

Remaining travel costs are fully covered by the Faculty of Education, for Education major only. For other students, the trip cost will be $750.

Costs include all travel, accommodations, cultural activities, and food, as well as a program and site advancement contributions

Dates: Saturday, March 14 through Saturday, March 21, 2020. Please note these dates, which coincide with the School Board March Break.

Applications are now closed for 2019-20. Check back next year!