The Bystander Initiative


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The Bystander Initiative offers peer education in sexual violence prevention to first year students through a three-hour workshop.

The breadth of the Bystander Initiative program is unique to the University of Windsor. Its strengths include working actively with men as well as women, and developing leadership skills as students train to be workshop facilitators. In 2018-19, the program is expanding: for the first time, every first-year student will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop, with a $50 UWin gift card as added incentive.

The program is actively soliciting support from University of Windsor faculty and academic administrators during this period of growth. In particular, the Bystander Initiative team is reaching out to faculty who teach first-year students to support the program by promoting the workshops and, in some cases, integrating them into their classes. Heads and Directors can help with this campus-wide initiative by encouraging their faculty to get involved.

The Bystander Initiative is focusing its outreach efforts on FAHSS and Business students in Fall 2018 and in the remaining faculties in Winter 2019.

The Bystander Initiative team thanks you for your support in making our campus safer for all students.

To find out more about the work the Bystander Initiative does, consult its website.

For general information, mail

Dr. Emily Rosser is coordinator of the Bystander Initiative. You can reach her at or Extension 2326.

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