Virtual Team Challenge

Virtual Challenge

The Virtual Challenge Ended May 8, 2020 - Together and Windsor Proud We Reached the Finish Line!

Message from the President

I want to congratulate all those who participated in the Let’s Get Moving Virtual Team Challenge. A total of 330 campus employees joined a record number of 62 teams and together, in 4 weeks, we reached out into outer space with more than 136 kilometers combined. This was a wonderful opportunity for us to connect across the institution at this time when we are separated.

Challenge Winner:  Teamo Supremo - Bradd Bezaire, Ann Elliott, Alisa Giroux-Souilliere, Angela Kojok, Zora Savic (captain) and Sara Smitherman

Best Team Name:  Going the Social Distance (captained by Elisa Mitton)

Honorable Mention:  Oh, the Place We Don’t Go! (captained by Denice Shuker)

Even though this Challenge has ended, I would encourage you to stay connected with your campus colleagues as we continue to work remotely.

Robert Gordon
President & Vice-Chancellor

Virtual climbs completed by the Teams

The table below outlines the virtual climbs for the challenge and the number of teams that completed the climbs in 4 weeks.  

Top 10 Teams:

  1. Teamo Supremo
  2. Team Transformers 1
  3. Working Our Assets Off
  4. The Standard Deviations
  5. School of Walk
  6. Going the Social Distance
  7. Red Hot Chillin Steppers
  8. Steady State Steady Flow
  9. Pink Freud
  10. The Silver Tsunami
Virtual Climb Location Height


of Teams

Big Ben Westminister, England 96 0
Space Needle Seattle, Washington 184 0
Empire State Building New York City, New York 381 0
Willis Tower Chicago, Illinois 442 2
CN Tower Toronto, Ontario 553 2
Burj Khalifa Dubai, United Arab Emirates 828 3
Mont Tremblant Mont-Tremblant, Quebec 968 9
Grouse Mountain North Vancouver, B.C. 1231 41
Mont Blanc / Monte Bianco  French – Italian border 4180 4
Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania 5895 1
Mount Everest Nepal – Tibet border 8848 0