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Have you discovered unique solutions to everyday needs, are you an expert on health and wellness, has a friend shared ingenious substitutions for cleaning, household or beauty products or do you have family secrets to share about a top-secret ingredient to add to recipes? Virtual Tips Talk has been designed for our UWindsor community to read, learn and share some of these tricks of the trade discovered through research or even accidentally throughout the years.

We have asked Dr. Sarah Woodruff, faculty member in Kinesiology to get us started. Select the image to view Sarah’s top 5 tips for focusing on your physical health during a pandemic.

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Health and Wellness Tips

You can replace many health and beauty products in your medicine cabinet with one container of coconut oil.

  1. HAIR: Coconut oil can be used as a deep conditioning treatment for your hair to increase moisture, tame the frizz and promote hair growth.
  2. SKIN: Use coconut oil as an intense skin moisturizer. When using on your hands and feet in the evenings wear a glove and socks to intensify the hydration. Also is a great way to treat sunburned skin.
  3. FACE: Replace those chemical filled, harsh facial cleaners with coconut oil. It's a great make up remover and skin moisturizer in one.
  4. LIPS: When your lips are dry and chapped use coconut oil as a non toxic lip treatment as an alternative to commercial brand lip balms.
  5. DEODORANT: Coconut oil is a safe and natural alternative to commercial brand deodorant sticks especially when mixed with essential oils such as lemongrass.
To help curb snacking and to keep hydrated, use the elastic technique. Have a large water bottle that holds 40 oz. I try to drink a gallon of water a day. Place 3 elastics around my water bottle, every time I finish the bottle remove an elastic, until none is left on the bottle. No fuss, no trying to remember how much you drank, goal is to remove elastics to zero and start all over the next day!