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March 1 to March 29, 2021  

As most of us are approaching our first-year anniversary of working remotely, this engagement challenge was designed to reconnect us and provide a boost to our holistic health and wellness. Continue to stay safe as we overcome this pandemic together!

Faculty and staff can participate by organizing virtual teams of 5 people to participate in this challenge.

How to get started

  1. Form a team of 5 campus colleagues
  2. Select a Team Captain and choose a team name
  3. The Captain will then:

How the challenge works

  1. Review the BINGO card for 5 themed daily activities to be completed by each team member.  Please feel free to adapt the activities based on physical abilities, dietary needs, etc. Remember to follow current COVID-19 public health guidelines.
  2. WEEK 1:  Earn 1 point each day for completing the activity listed on the BINGO card for that particular day (max 5 points this week).
  3. WEEKS 2-4:  Earn 1 point daily for each completed activity PLUS earn 1 bonus point daily if you complete the activity for the previous week for that day (max 5 bonus points per player/per week).  For example:  during week 2 on Tuesday – perform KUDOs for 1 point, PLUS perform week 1 FACE TO FACE for the bonus point.
  4. At the end of each week, tally the points earned and send your results to your team captain.
  5. Team captains must send weekly Team Tracking Form results to Mary-Ann Rennie each Monday morning.
  6. At the end of the 4-week challenge tally all your weekly points earned. (Please note: Each team member can accumulate a maximum of 35 points for this challenge which translates into 175 points per team.)
At the conclusion of the 4 weeks of BINGO4HEALTH, the team with the greatest number of points will be rewarded with a team luncheon compliments of the Office of the President.
**If there is a tie, we will enter all the top teams into the prize draw to select the winning team.

Gather your team!  

Encourage colleagues to join the challenge!  

Have fun and focus on your holistic wellness while we continue to work from home!