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CLIF Abstracts 2013-14

The Centre for Teaching and Learning has established the Centred on Learning Innovation Fund (CLIF) to facilitate projects that contribute to the development, implementation, assessment, and further exploration of learning outcomes and learning outcomes-based practice at the University of Windsor. Click on abstract to read more about this year’s proposals:

Longitudinal Assessment of Student Learning Tools: Enhanced Higher Learning by Online Modules
Ken Cramer, Department of Psychology

Empowering First Responders through an Educational Workshop on Human Anatomy
Anna Farias, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry - Windsor Program & Sara Mcnorton, Biological Sciences Department

Preparing Delivery of the New Criminology Professional Development Practicum Course
Amy Fitzgerald, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology

Developing an Ethic of Care through Sexual Assault Prevention Education
Anne Forrest, Dusty Johnstone, Women's Studies

Community-Based Externship Evaluation Project
Gemma Smyth, Claire Mumme, Anneke Smit, Myra Tawfik & Adam Vasey, Faculty of Law

Online transactional simulations for legal experiential and clinical education
Myra Tawfik & Wissam Aoun, Faculty of Law

“You’re Hired!”, “Managing Organizational Change” and other teaching simulations: Developing Organizational Behaviour Kinesiology-specific teaching resources.
Jess Dixon, Department of Kinesiology

Redesign of Engineering Software Fundamental Course to Facilitate Student Centered Learning
Xiaohong Xu & Vesselina Roussinova, Civil and Environmental Engineering