Law school to mount stairs to benefit local charity

There is no better bonding exercise than actual exercise, says Francine Herlehy, assistant dean for student services in the Faculty of Law.

She is organizing a team of students, faculty and staff to participate in iClimb for United Way, soliciting sponsorship before mounting more than 1,000 stairs in the WFCU Centre on Friday.

“This is a way for Windsor law to come together,” Herlehy says. “The iClimb allows them to actively participate, rather than just write a cheque.”

The law school has an ongoing relationship with United Way.

“They have been good partners for us,” Herlehy says. “The nature of the agencies they support allow you to make an impact in many ways.”

She says iClimb is suitable for all fitness levels because climbers set their own pace, and extends a challenge to other campus groups to join or sponsor the law team, or even form their own teams: “A little healthy competition is good for the event.”

Learn more about iClimb for United Way on the charity’s Web site.

Visit the Windsor Law team page to join or sponsor online.

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