Who wants to buy?Who wants to buy?

5th Graders Bargain at "Fur Trade and the Original People" Workshop

Some students rejoiced at a good bargain, others found it unfair, but for sure, all St. Bernard's Catholic Elementary School 5th graders enjoyed the 4Winds; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) and Beginning Time Teaching Project's workshop: "Fur Trade and the Original People".

On April 14, The Aboriginal Education Centre's 4Winds STEAM and BTT Project team demonstrated a mock of fur trade activity, to approximately 30 students.

The activity familiarized students with the Original People and European trade items, and the items’ value.  Prior to trading taking place, students had to work as a team to develop a trading strategy, and ensure that they were making fair trades by way of mathematical calculations and through the art of negotiation.

"It was interesting to see the integration of bartering in a contemporary age of retail, and the importance of relationships and responsibilities in a traditional age of communal living.” says Mark Restoule, MSW Candidate who assisted with the workshop.

The 4Winds STEAM Project is targeted towards students in grades 5 and 6.  The program introduces both FNMI (First Nations, Metis and Inuit) students and non-FMNI students to the STEAM areas while making strong connections to the Original People’s culture and teachings