Kelsi MayneKelsi Mayne drew inspiration from her experience as a Lancer track athlete on her recently-released debut album.

Country singer’s debut album pays tribute to Lancer days

Singer-songwriter Kelsi Mayne (BScN 2012) references her time competing for the Lancer track team on her debut solo album, “As I Go,” released March 27.

Mayne earned medals in hurdles in helping the Lancer women to national university titles four straight years; she sings in Nothing On Us:

We come from a long line of One Team, One Dream, One Goal /
When it comes to show time, go time, we know how to bring it on home.

“After living and travelling all over North America, I've developed a greater appreciation for my time as a Lancer and I am more proud than ever of my Windsor roots,” Mayne says. “Being a Lancer had a huge an impact on my life, so I really wanted to capture a glimpse of that in one of my songs.”

Her album was about three years in the making and she drew upon talented collaborators.

“I felt a lot of pressure to get it right,” says Mayne. “Luckily, through my experience being a varsity student-athlete, I’ve learned how to handle being under the gun.

She describes her music as “country with an urban flair,” acknowledging the influence of living in the shadow of Motown.

“The most common thing I hear is ‘I’m not really a country fan, but I like your music,’ which is the biggest compliment in my opinion,” Mayne says.

Listen here:

Find more information, including a link to purchase the album, on her website.

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