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emoticonsThis week’s wellness tip offers ways to facilitate healthy emotional expression.

Healthy expression of emotions subject of suggestions

The ability to express one’s emotions in a healthy manner can have a positive impact on health and well-being, says Human Resources.

It shares ways to help facilitate healthy emotional expression in a message sent Tuesday to UWindsor faculty and staff:

  • Be optimistic. By focusing on the positive, you will find it easier to express yourself in a range of situations while enjoying the many wonders of life.
  • Cut the distractions. Once you turn off the noise, you will be better able to tap into your inner feelings and express them outward.
  • Practise acceptance. Accepting that aspects of your life are out of your control will make you feel better while freeing up your mind to become more emotionally expressive.
  • Forgive. Whether you have not forgiven yourself or someone else, holding a grudge is the antithesis of expression.
  • Be grateful. It is pretty hard to be unhappy while feeling thankful. Appreciate what you have and you will be better able to express a sense of joy.

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