Pop quiz offers chance at UWindsor swag

With the University’s Fall Open House approaching, DailyNews is offering readers a chance to show their school spirit—win a prize package and drape yourself in UWindsor clothing on Friday.

Up for grabs is a collection of clothing emblazoned with the University’s logo—a hooded sweatshirt from the University Bookstore, a golf shirt from the alumni affairs office, a t-shirt from the office of the president, and a silk scarf from the public affairs office.

The winner will be randomly selected from all correct responses received by 4 p.m. Wednesday, November 7. To be eligible, select the most correct answer to each of the following questions on the subject of soda pop (hence “pop quiz”—get it?):

  1. Which Detroit-based beverage company claims to have coined the term “soda pop”?
    a) Faygo
    b) Stewart’s Fountain Classics
    c) Towne Club
    d) Vernors

  2. With a history dating back to the 1876 Philadelphia Exposition, which of these root beers boasts the earliest production?
    a) A&W
    b) Barq’s
    c) Dad’s
    d) Hires

  3. Which of these soft drinks was the avowed favourite of M*A*S*H corporal Radar O’Reilly?
    a) Cherry Coke
    b) Dr. Pepper
    c) Faygo Redpop
    d) Grape Nehi

  4. In the 1972 CBS sitcom Bridget Loves Bernie, Bridget accepts Bernie’s advice to switch her deli order from milk to which more kosher beverage?
    a) Birch beer
    b) Cream soda
    c) Ginger ale
    d) New York seltzer

  5. Which of these brands marketed itself with a jingle proclaiming it “wonderfully orangey?”
    a) C-Plus
    b) Fanta
    c) Nesbitt’s Orange
    d) Orange Crush

  6. Which NHLer acted as a pitchman for the Pop Shoppe?
    a) Tim Horton
    b) Dave Keon
    c) Eddie Shack
    d) Eddie Shore

  7. Which of these soda fountain favourites are prepared without carbonation?
    a) egg cream
    b) lime rickey
    c) cherry phosphate
    d) chocolate malted

Contest is open to all readers of the DailyNews. Send an e-mail with your responses to uofwnews@uwindsor.ca. One entry per contestant, please. Note: the decision of the judge in determining the most correct response is inviolable.