websiteThe news website published by digital journalism students offers free ad space to promote campus events.

Online publication of journalism students offers help promoting campus events

There is a new medium available to help promote campus events:, the news website produced by students in the digital journalism program, now offers free ad space for this purpose.

Every year, the site is re-designed by digital journalism majors in the Online Design and Publishing course. This year, professors Bob Becken and Dylan Kristy added a new assignment to the curriculum—create box ad space.

Program chair Blake Roberts says the box ads reflect industry trends, and “teaches DJ students useful web design skills and gives them a sense of how the media makes money by running ads, which is what ultimately pays for journalism.”

It also provides a service to the university community, by giving space for campus units to advertise upcoming events and assist in recruiting. The site’s first box ad promoted the University open house last weekend.

Jordan Worsell-Collins, promotions manager for, asks all interested event programmers to contact her directly at She suggests that if organizers have produced a poster, they size the image to 300x250 pixels. Worsell-Collins requires two weeks’ notice before the event so that she has enough time to upload the ad and offer assistance with design.

—by Braunte Petric

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