book cover: “The Winter Family”“The Winter Family” is the Campus Bookstore’s book of the week.

Campus Bookstore to take a leap into savings

With four years between every February 29, the Campus Bookstore is ready for an Olympian celebration of Leap Day, says marketing coordinator Martin Deck.

The store will offer all its customers a scratch-and-save sale Monday offering discounts on any purchase excluding textbooks, computers, gift cards, special orders and already-sale-priced items. At the checkout, save from 10 to 25 percent—with a special deal for leap babies.

“If February 29 is your birthday, just show some proof and we’ll give you 29 percent off,” Deck says.

Western noir novel discounted

The Winter Family, by Ontario-born and -raised lawyer Clifford Jackman, is the book of the week at the Campus Bookstore.

His first novel, the “Western noir” is a bleak story of a violent gang travelling west, one step ahead of civilization. Regularly priced at $21, it will sell for $18.69 until March 6.