Stephanie DupleyStephanie Dupley, a career advisor for international and graduate students at the University of Windsor, says networking can advance academic and employment success.

Career advisor offers suggestions for successful networking

While networking to advance a career can be daunting, it can also be incredibly rewarding, says Stephanie Dupley.

Career advisor for international and graduate students in Career Development and Experiential Learning at the University of Windsor, she has published a commentary piece on the topic in University Affairs.

“(Networking) can help you gain contacts and knowledge that give you a competitive advantage when choosing and applying to graduate programs, funding opportunities, and getting a job,” Dupley writes. “To build an effective network that can lead to referrals, starting early is best.”

University Affairs, published by Universities Canada, is an award-winning magazine and website providing information about and for Canada’s university community.

Read Dupley’s article, entitled “Networking: a catalyst for your academic and career success.”