Workshops promise professional development for graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants

University of Windsor faculty, students, and staff will gather Tuesday, September 4, for GATAcademy, a full day of teaching and learning workshops designed especially for graduate assistants (GAs) and teaching assistants (TAs).

GATA Network co-ordinator Elizabeth Ismail says the conference is all about making sure GAs/TAs are fully prepared for the exciting opportunities before them.

“Whether you’re a GA/TA for the first time this fall, or even if you’ve been a GA/TA a dozen times before, GATAcademy is a chance to refresh, review, and reconnect,” she says. “Come with questions; leave with answers and resources on where to find them. GATAcademy is the first step towards building your new support network.”

The event runs 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Dillon Hall. Registration is free for UWindsor graduate and teaching assistants and includes a complimentary lunch.

Sessions include:

  • Design Lessons and Creating Lesson Plans with Sam Burton and Sara Santarossa;
  • Learning is not a Spectator Sport: Engaging Students using Active Learning Techniques with Lisa Salifi;
  • Leading Effective Discussions with Michelle Krieger and Ashlyne O’Neil;
  • Connecting Best Practices for Teaching Linguistically-Diverse International Students with International Student Satisfaction with Clayton Smith;
  • Ethical Issues Encountered by GAs and TAs with Kristin Schramer, Arief Kartolo, and Carolyn Rauti;
  • Grading and Providing Effective Feedback with Curtis Hyra and Harmony Peach;
  • Leading Effective Labs and Tutorials with Maria Cioppa;
  • Copyright and Open Access with Dave Johnston and Scott Cowan;
  • Universal Design for Instruction and Equity with Stephanie Cragg and Debra Jozefowicz;
  • Do you need Blackboard for what you do? with Lorie Stolarchuk; and
  • Creating and Using Rubrics for Grading Assignments with Michelle Bondy.

Find detailed descriptions of the workshops and brief introductions of the individuals leading them, along with an online registration form, at

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