Ebuka Nzewi wearing face maskInternational relations student Ebuka Nzewi keeps himself healthy for final exams by taking protective measures against COVID-19.

New interface enables students to self-report illness with symptoms related to coronavirus

Students — except those except those in the JD, dual JD, and pre-service education programs — will use a new online tool to report illnesses from April 4 to 21.

The interface has been developed to streamline the reporting process, given the potential for many illnesses this semester. It will help instructors and departments more easily manage student requests for accommodations during this challenging time.

Students unable to complete an assignment on time or to take an exam because they are too ill to do so are asked to: 

  • sign in to UWinsite Student
  • on the Student Homepage, click the Alternate Grade/COVID Notice tile
  • select the Winter 2020 term
  • click the “Report Illness due to COVID-19” button next the relevant course
  • from there, follow the instructions on the screen

A full “how-to” is available here.

The interface will communicate to the department that they are unable to complete an assignment or take an exam for that course, and the department will pass that information on to the instructor.

“Because it is hard to foresee how widespread COVID-19 might become during the final assessment period, we wanted to make sure that this tool was available to support all instructors and students,” says provost Douglas Kneale. “As always, decisions regarding how accommodations should be provided rest with the individual professor and might include a similar exam, an alternative assessment, or aegrotat standing.”