Detroit skyline as seen from WindsorContinuing Education’s program in International Trade and Border Management builds knowledge of cross-border issues necessary to business.

International Trade and Border Management Program making fall return to Continuing Education

Delivered in partnership with the Cross-Border Institute, the International Trade and Border Management Program builds knowledge of nuances of the cross-border movement of goods, services, people, and funds necessary to operate a successful, globally-oriented business or execute the functions of government agencies with trade responsibilities.

Comprised of four modules, the program provides a comprehensive framework for managing export, import, and border processes from the perspectives of both trading firms and government agencies.

Participants with a fundamental knowledge of trade rules, logistics, border operations, and cross-border finance may benefit from taking individual modules to strengthen specific knowledge in each area. Participants can achieve a single certificate comprised of two modules, or complete both certificates to attain a Certificate in Advanced International Trade and Border Management.


  • Bill Anderson, founding director of the Cross-Border Institute (CBI);
  • Marta Leardi-Anderson, executive director of CBI; and
  • Laurie Tannous, special advisor on customs, immigration, and border security to CBI;

are notable experts in the field with first-hand experience and real-time knowledge to share.

Module 1: Foundations of International Trade begins Sept. 20. Classes are online and asynchronous. See the program website for details.