students relaxing in Leddy wellness roomThe Leddy Library has equipped three wellness rooms with dimmable lighting and cozy furniture to help students relax.

Leddy adds rooms dedicated to student wellness

The Leddy Library surprised students this month with three new spaces designed to enhance their wellness.

These spaces have been designated as “wellness rooms”: two in the main building on the second and third floors, and one in the west building on the third floor. Each room is equipped with dimmable lighting and cozy furniture to help students relax.

While the renovations have just wrapped up, it didn’t take long for students to find them.

First-year nursing students Reenhant Winnie Oyewole, Chiamaka Omenkeukwu, and Micka Mwongerinka have been enjoying the spaces since the first day of classes.

“They are so cozy and colourful. It makes me happy to just sit and relax in here,” said Oyewole.

“Unlike the other study areas, I find this room to be very calm and quiet,” added Omenkeukwu.

“My favourite element is that you can dim and control the lights,” Mwongerinka chimed in.

Finishing touches and design elements will be added to each of the rooms in the coming weeks, including outfitting them with calming activities as well as wellness resources and tools.

“As we move forward, Leddy would also like to use these spaces to recognize the community who use and share our space,” said Karen Pillon, associate university librarian and head of the Leddy Library’s Space Planning Committee. “We want to be sure students feel connected to the space and know that we are working with other campus partners to make this space their own.”

The library is working with the Aboriginal Education Centre and Student Health, Counselling, and Wellness Services to complete the final design elements.

“We look forward to working with the Indigenous community on campus to include important Indigenous elements, as well adapting one of the rooms as a space for parents who bring their children with them to the library,” said Pillon.

Students are welcome to use the rooms as flexible spaces to de-stress and unwind during the library’s regular hours. Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis with no prior booking required.

“We sincerely hope students feel that these spaces are for them, and that they are able to relax and enjoy a moment of calmness and time for themselves within the library,” Pillon said.

For more information on the wellness rooms and other library spaces, visit the Leddy Library website.