Krishna Telapudi, Kameswara Peddada, and Kartik Peddinti with professor Pooya Moradian Zadeh during Computer Science Demo DayKrishna Telapudi, Kameswara Peddada, and Kartik Peddinti discuss their project Simplified SCO on Wheels” with professor Pooya Moradian Zadeh during Computer Science Demo Day.

Computer science students demonstrate projects

Keen computer science students lined up to pitch their latest programming endeavours to attendees at the 2022 Computer Science Demo Day, Dec. 8.

300 Ouellette Ave. held the event in-person for the first time since the pandemic started. The downtown building houses the Master of Applied Computing (MAC) program.

MAC student Kameswara Peddada was there with his fellow project members pitching their project “Simplified SCO on Wheels,” a product that allows you to check yourself out at a store using your cell phone.

“This is portable and adaptable; you can use it in any store that subscribes to this product,” says Peddada. “This is cost friendly and time friendly because if it is busy and there is a line at a check out, if the store subscribes to our product, you can just use your phone and buy any product you want.”

More than 20 presentations featured research and real-time projects from around 150 current undergraduate and graduate students, as well as two high school co-op students.

Sam Guarasci is in grade 12 at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School and has a co-op position with the director of the School of Computer Science, Ziad Kobti. Guarasci will attend UWindsor in computer science in Fall 2023.

“My project is called Simply and it is an app where you can summarize anything with just a picture,” says Guarasci. His app is already available for download from Apple’s App Store.

“It is an exciting opportunity to be a part of Demo Day.”

At the event, students showcased their work to faculty and industry partners. Samantha Coggans from DataRealm, an automation engineering company, says she came to network with students.

“We already have a UWindsor co-op student, and we were invited to this invent and hopefully do some networking to potentially meet some new candidates.”

The School of Computer Science launched the MAC program at its new downtown location with the aim of creating new experiential learning and advanced training opportunities in all aspects of computing.

“I am grateful for all the support we received from the local industry and the community coming out to spend time with our students and celebrate their success,” says Dr. Kobti. “This is a unique opportunity for the students to promote their talents and the community to learn about what is happening in Computer Science and in the downtown building.”

The day wrapped up with awards; Darshan Dave and Suraj Hiteshkumar Zinzuwadia won Best Overall Innovative Project for their “Smart Clothing System.”