Rupp Carriveau

Lindsay Miller, Rupp CarriveauEngineering faculty members Lindsay Miller and Rupp Carriveau are spearheading a research program to help bridge the gaps between the technical, economic, and political aspects of the nation’s energy sector.

Study aims to diversify workforce for clean energy future

A study led by UWindsor researchers aims to equip Canada with a diverse and inclusive pool of leaders for the clean energy sector of the future.

Rupp Carriveau and Lucas Semple pose inside greenhouseEngineering professor Rupp Carriveau and UWindsor engineering alumnus Lucas Semple, Under Sun Acres greenhouse operations engineer, are part of a national effort exploring how leading-edge greenhouse technology can be delivered to remote locations and optimized to reduce energy costs and increase production.

Research team exploring optimization of greenhouse agriculture

A team from Windsor Engineering is leading a national effort exploring the next frontier of sustainable and accessible food.

Rupp CarriveauRupp Carriveau is the co-creator and leader of the international Offshore Energy and Storage Society, which exchanges ideas and fosters collaborations that will propel the integration of renewable energy and storage technologies.

Professor helping birth the next generation of energy storage

A UWindsor professor has spearheaded the creation of an international cluster of researchers in offshore energy and storage.

Rupp Carriveau, Lucas SempleUWindsor professor Rupp Carriveau and greenhouse operations engineer Lucas Semple are pictured at an Under Sun Acres greenhouse in Leamington, Ont. The university has teamed with the produce grower to examine the feasibility of a solar energy system.

Research team to study feasibility of solar-powered greenhouses

UWindsor researchers have teamed with local produce growers to examine the feasibility of solar energy to improve greenhouse operating efficiency.