Let's Get Moving graphic

Initial prize draw rewards challenge participants

Two excited captains were able to report a victory to their team members after a prize draw Tuesday in the Let’s Get Moving Virtual Team Challenge for UWindsor employees.

The competition encourages staff and faculty to exercise during their social isolation, counting each 10 minutes of physical activity as a two-metre climb of well-known buildings and mountains.

One week in, a total of 330 participants are registered in 62 teams.

Tuesday’s random draw by president Robert Gordon rewarded registration with $25 worth of UwinCASH each for the “Red Hot Chillin Steppers” captained by dean of graduate studies Patti Weir: Barb Zimmerman, Penny Kollar, Svetlana Georgieva, and Katie Bartelds.

“HRarlie’s Angels” won the prize for submitting the weekly tracking form on time. Captain Oliga Tserakhava, Barb Beaulieu, Bridget Brown, Diana Colley, Kelly Fuerth, and Laurie Renaud each received a semester’s registration for a Lancer Recreation fitness class.

“I am so excited!” Tserakhava said. “This is something we can really use.”

Each Tuesday will see additional prize draws for teams that submit their forms by the previous Monday, culminating May 12 with final awards for most creative team name and highest per capita climb.