bicycles locked to rackAn increase in theft of bicycles at the University has prompted Campus Community Police to remind cyclists to step up their precautions.

Campus Police recommend steps to prevent bike theft

Citing a recent increase in thefts of bicycles on campus, Campus Community Police are reminding cyclists to take precautions against loss.

“Many, if not all, of the reported bicycle thefts seem to have some similarities, namely, poor quality locks being connected to the various bicycle racks,” says acting director Kevin Beaudoin. “These low-quality locks are usually cheap cable-style locks which do little to deter thieves.”

He recommends solid U-style locks.

“They may cost a bit more money, but they are certainly a deterrent to the would-be thieves who roam in search of bikes with thin chain locks they simply cut with bolt cutters,” Beaudoin says.

He calls on students, faculty, and staff biking to campus to remember:

  • Do not leave your bicycle unattended for extended periods of time;
  • Use a strong “U” shape solid metal lock;
  • Take a photo of your bicycle and record the specific information: make, size, style, colour, model number, serial number, and any special features to provide to Campus Community Police, insurance and municipal police to assist in identification and recovery;
  • Register your bicycle online.

“These simple steps can go a long way to protecting ourselves and our possessions,” says Beaudoin.