Marnie Kuhn

Datta Pillay and Sheri Lowrie congratulate Laura McLeanCampaign co-chairs Datta Pillay and Sheri Lowrie congratulate Laura McLean, winner of an Apple iPad tablet computer in a draw for campus donors to the United Way.

Charity campaign on track to top target

The campus campaign for United Way has reached $98,839 in donations and pledges, supporters heard at a wrap event Monday.

Mingle and Jingle event designed as social gathering

A horse-drawn carriage will transport celebrants across campus to the Faculty & Staff Holiday Mingle and Jingle on Tuesday, December 13.

horse-drawn carriage“We have arranged for a horse-and-buggy ride as the next best thing to a sleigh,” says catering manager Dean Kissner. “We’re really hoping some jingling bells will help to set the tone for the event.”