Sessions to help employees cope with change and loss

Two one-hour wellness sessions offered this week by the University’s employee assistance provider are tailored to help staff and faculty manage change and loss.

Welcoming Change into Your Life
Wednesday, April 18, 9 a.m., Centennial Room, Vanier Hall

Change is a natural part of life. While some changes can affect the very structure of one's life, other changes may have subtle impacts on day-to-day activities. This session addresses the emotional reaction that people experience when confronted with change, taking into account their own personalities and strengths. It also provides coping skills to enable individuals to manage change more effectively.

Understanding Loss & Moving Beyond
Friday, April 20, 9 a.m., Centennial Room, Vanier Hall

This session examines the process of grieving a loss and provides practical strategies for living through and beyond the various types of losses that people experience in their lives. Participants will gain insight into effective and pro-active healing and rebuilding strategies and will learn how to work through the changes caused by loss in order to move forward.

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