Essex team triumphs in high school stock exchange simulation

The opening bell rang at the 2012 Odette Stock Exchange on Friday, April 25, to over 200 excited high school students from Windsor/Essex – dressed to impress and ready to make a profit!

Savvy traders navigated the masked stocks selected from historical prices in a simulated contest with seven rounds of trading.

Out of 39 teams, the top five advanced to the coveted championship round in the Odette School of Business Financial Markets Lab including three teams from Essex District High School and one team each from Kingsville District High School and St. Thomas of Villanova. Fourth-year business student and lab assistant, Ricardo Martire, challenged the traders in competitive rounds of trading using advanced financial software simulation.

Essex District High School was the top money-maker to capture the Odette Stock Exchange (OSX) 2012 title!

OSX creator Tim Brunet says that this was a particularly sweet victory for Essex as it was “one of the founding participating schools when the exchange began eight years ago.”

The teams from Kingsville District High School and St. Thomas of Villanova had a very successful day as they captured second and third place out of the 39 participating teams.

Brunet says that this event wouldn't have been possible without the help of the Shil Chakrabarti from the Web team, Stephanie Coccimiglio and Barbara Barone from the Odette School of Business and many dedicated students, including volunteers from the Odette School of Business and the Pre-law Society who all spared their time to make this an extremely successful event.

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