Photo re-creation “history in the making,” says student

When he got the University of Windsor, says Carlos Puerta, “everybody said that the best way to enjoy your university years is to get involved.”

That’s why the third-year economics major agreed to participate Wednesday in a restaging of a photograph originally taken in 1963. The image groups students around a cake—in 1963 celebrating the University’s formal birth, and in 2013 commemorating its 50th anniversary.

“I thought it was a nice opportunity to make history at the university,” says Puerta. “Maybe 50 years from now, people will be looking at my picture!”

The recreation was part of an event in the CAW Student Centre to launch awareness of Celebration Weekend activities, scheduled from September 19 to 22. Students, staff and faculty who stopped by on Wednesday were treated to cupcakes and information on plans for the September event.

For more information on the 50th Anniversary Weekend, including a sign-up for volunteer opportunities, visit

Old cake picture

The 1963 original is being used to promote celebrations of the University’s 50th anniversary.

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