Jamila Barrett and Zainab Merhi’s display thier project: Women’s Body Politics magazineJamila Barrett and Zainab Merhi’s display thier project: Women’s Body Politics magazine

Students explore the Feminist Voice

Combining personal experiences with feminist theories learned in class, students in Heather Hartley’s Women’s and Gender Studies class recently displayed their final projects at the CAW Student Centre at a seminar entitled Exploration of Feminist Voice.

The students developed written and visual projects communicating their feminist ideas using such media tools as magazines, videos, monographs or blogs.

“Students had a lot of learning and this is an opportunity to challenge them to put theory into practice,” says Dr. Hartley. “I believe this concept could be applied to other fields of study as well.”

Meagan Marten’s Toxic Beauty project was intended to raise awareness on the use of cosmetics and related issues. She says the project is receiving positive interaction via its blog and other social media channels.

“Up to April 20, my blog reached 250 views,” Marten says.  “Twitter and Facebook are also busy with discussions.”

Jamila Barrett and Zainab Merhi’s Women’s Body Politics project included publishing a magazine focusing on women’s personal stories on the subject. The students say they have experienced their own issues with body size negotiation and hope their project offers support to women facing similar challenges.

The Exploration of Feminist Voice seminar is an annual part of the Women's and Gender Studies course.