cooler bagMatthew Pe Benito turned his knowledge of cool into an insulated cooler.

Student gets down to business with quiz victory

Business student Matthew Pe Benito, co-op accounting clerk in the research finance office, won a portable cooler in Monday’s DailyNews quiz contest.

His entry was drawn from all those which correctly identified:

  1. Miles Davis as the trumpeter on Birth of the Cool;
  2. Cool Jerk as the shower serenade in Home Alone 2;
  3. Cool Hand Luke as the source of the line “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate”;
  4. the Fonz as pop progenitor of the “thumbs-up” gesture;
  5. Kool and the Gang as good-time celebrators;
  6. Cool Runnings as a hit movie for John Candy; and
  7. Be Cool as a follow-up to Get Shorty.

Pe Benito will receive the insulated cooler, perfect for toting beverages and snacks on a summer picnic.