person geeting counsellingThe Peer Support Centre will launch a satellite to test the need for its services downtown.

Satellite of Peer Support Centre to bring mental health resources downtown

A satellite location of the Peer Support Centre launching today will bring on-site mental health resources to students situated downtown.

The centre, a service of the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance, will operate once a month from room 107, Windsor Hall. It will open 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. October 15, November 19, and December 10.

Co-ordinator John Antoniw says the goal is to help the university implement its student mental health strategy.

“Students who are exclusively downtown can feel isolated and have to travel a distance to access services such as on-site peer support, student counselling, and accessibility services,” he says. “It’s not feasible during a quick break to just hop over to main campus and come back.”

The new location is a pilot project to determine the needs of the downtown students in social work and creative arts disciplines.

“If having a presence at least once a week is better, we will try to accommodate that. If there is a better time during the week to provide the service downtown, we can modify this too,” says Antoniw. “We basically would love to hear feedback from students about what works best and suggestions to make the service more accessible.”

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