Website a central repository of University policies

Bylaws and policies which apply to all faculty, all staff, and/or all students are now available on one easily-searchable website.

Find the link to the Central Policies Website through the “Policies” link on the footer of the University website or at

Areas with policies that apply to all faculty, all staff, and/or all students (e.g., IT Services, Campus Community Police, Budgets, Leddy Library) may learn how to migrate policies to the new site by contacting law librarian Annette Demers, who oversees the database, at or 519-253-3000, ext. 2976.

Units must remove such policies from their own websites and instead provide a link to the Central Policies Website.

Areas with policies that affect only certain groups (e.g., faculty or departmental policies) are asked to ensure that their websites contain a single visible “Policies” link that includes all their departmental policies.

In addition, the new Policy on Administrative Policies will ensure that campus units initiate, draft, consult, approve, and communicate policies using a consistent method. Going forward, all new policies or revisions to policies should be made in accordance with it, using the policy template.