Michaëlle JeanAssumption University will confer the Christian Culture Series Gold Medal on former governor general Michaëlle Jean.

Assumption to confer medal on former governor general

Assumption University has named Michaëlle Jean, governor general of Canada from 2005 to 2010, as the recipient of its 2021 Christian Culture Series Gold Medal, recognizing laypeople for their “efforts in contributing to Christian ideals” in modern society.

A release announcing the choice credited Jean with seeking to build relations with Indigenous peoples, supporting the Canadian forces, working toward diplomacy at a human level, emphasizing the importance of bilingualism, addressing women’s rights, highlighting the power of education and culture, engaging youth, and promoting diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice.

Following her term as vice regent, Jean served as UNESCO special envoy to Haiti to support reconstruction efforts in the wake of its Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake. In 2015, she began a four-year term as secretary-general of La Francophonie. With her husband, Jean is co-president and co-founder of the Michaëlle Jean Foundation, which provides support for excluded youth through the arts for social change and civic participation.

The award ceremony will take place on April 5, with details still to come.