Treasure mapLearn to map your path to environmental sustainability at the “Carbon Cartography” symposium Friday, June 17.

Symposium promises businesses a map for the journey to sustainability

Good intentions alone won’t cut carbon emissions, says environmental engineering professor Rupp Carriveau, but a June 17 event at the University of Windsor will help participants turn those intentions into action.

The “Carbon Cartography” symposium will bring together industry, public-sector institutions, and research experts to consider carbon mitigation, greenhouse gas reduction, and sustainability agendas.

The ‘climate game’ has become big business now; some of that is good, but it can overwhelm most who are trying to get started,” says Dr. Carriveau, director of the Environmental Energy Institute, one of the hosting organizations.

“We are here to hold hands and walk people through from the basics to more ambitious approaches. Because everyone’s solution will be unique, you must get to know people before you can help them. That’s what our events are about — let’s do this together and, yeah, it can be fun.”

The Windsor Law Centre for Cities is another of the presenting organizations. Its director, law professor Anneke Smit, says Friday’s event is an initial step in creating a program of sustainability training that is relevant and accessible for the business community and public sector.

“The big issues of our time can’t be solved by one organization, department, or discipline. We need an all-of-community approach,” she says.

“We’re utilizing the complementary strengths of our teams: in engineering and in law and policy, in offering to support the important sustainability efforts of local businesses. We wanted to offer an opportunity to do this locally, together, leveraging the expertise of local businesses who have already taken these steps successfully.”

The symposium will run 1 to 4 p.m. in Windsor Hall, 167 Ferry St. Find more information, including an agenda and registration details, on the event website.