humanizing digital learningThe humanizing digital learning micro-program focuses on ways to support a more human-centered classroom.

Micro-program seeking to humanize digital learning

“Is the technology we use in our classroom dehumanizing us and our students?” This is the question being asked by the folks in the Office of Open Learning. If you are wondering the same thing, consider registering for the first course of the new Humanizing Digital Learning micro-program. Learn more about it on the Humanizing Digital Learning website.

Designed for faculty, instructors, staff, and students with teaching responsibilities, this micro-program will offer the opportunity to learn, unlearn, and practice implementing concepts related to student engagement; accessibility; equity, diversity, inclusion, decolonization, and Indigenization; ethical educational technologies; digital assessment strategies; and open education.

“We are excited to offer this new program that digs into some of the critical questions for higher education at the moment,” says Nick Baker, director of the Office of Open Learning. “This program will be a chance to bring together the diverse voices from around campus to have meaningful conversations and develop plans for how we can move forward together.”

Running online on Wednesday evenings May 10 to 31, “An Introduction to Humanizing Digital Learning” will set the stage for the rest of the program, establishing common language and introducing core challenges to be addressed.

“One of the major themes participants will notice is the need for unlearning,” says Ashlyne O’Neil, who will be co-facilitating the introductory course with Dave Cormier. “Many of us have learned and developed within specific western and colonial contexts, where certain histories and issues of social justice are downplayed or erased. This first course will provide a space for us to reflect on where we are and carve our path forward.”

Each course offered as part of the program will include two-hour weekly meetings over four weeks — with built-in flexibility — culminating in a digital badge for those who participate or a micro-credential for those who successfully complete all course assignments. Upon completion of all six courses, including a capstone project, participants will earn a micro-certificate as a demonstration of their commitment to humanizing the learning process. The complete schedule of courses can be found on the open learning workshop website.