Lourdes Taan, Hannah Adams, and Nathan Johnson.The executive of a new club for undergraduate students of sociology and criminology hopes to engage their peers. From left: president Lourdes Taan, treasurer Hannah Adams, and vice-president Nathan Johnson.

Club aimed at engaging students of sociology and criminology

In an effort to foster connection among students of sociology and criminology, a group of students are re-establishing a club for those in the disciplines.

“We have 30 members signed up in just a month,” says Lourdes Taan, a second-year criminology major and the president of Criminology-Sociology Connect. “And we’re already ratified by the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance.”

She says the club is planning to be active, hosting social events and guest speakers, participating in orientation for new students, and organizing group study.

“When you do a good job, more people will want to join,” Taan says. “We hope to provide a place where people can make friends and have a support system.”

Vice-president Nathan Johnson is in his final semester of undergraduate study, but signed on to help before he graduates.

“I wanted to contribute and really make a mark before I leave the University,” he says. “If we can establish a community where students can come together and share their passion for this field, I will have made a difference.”

Treasurer Hannah Adams agrees, noting that the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions have dampened campus life.

“I feel like student involvement is the biggest thing we are aiming for,” she says. “We’d like to organize symposiums and maybe a trip.”

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