Debbie Rickeard

exhausted nurseReports of nurses leaving the profession during the pandemic due to burnout and overall distress was the impetus for a UWindsor-led research project that will develop a course to psychologically prepare nursing students for work in hospitals during health-care crises. Photo by Cedric Fauntleroy/Pexels.

Project to train nurses to cope with health-care crises

A new research project aims to ensure nursing graduates are psychologically prepared to work in hospitals during health-care crises.

Technology day presentation to include tour of nursing simulation centre

A tour of the simulation spaces in the Medical Education Building and Toldo Health Education Centre is one of the highlights of Campus Technology Day, Thursday, May 16.

Nursing instructors Judy Bornais and Debbie Rickeard will guide participants through the faculty’s Simulation Centre, which offers students authentic simulated learning experiences so they can apply theory to practice and learn to safely care for future patients.

Medical Education Building third floor provides shared space for nursing and physician programs

His experience in the simulation labs as a UWindsor nursing student helped Andrew Peltier land his dream job. Even before his June Convocation, the fourth-year student will take up a position in the emergency department of North York General Hospital.

He said the scenario-based job interview was not much different from what he did in the Faculty of Nursing labs.