Jan Stewart

staff of AUTO21The staff of AUTO21 marked its sunset Thursday (from left): director of operations Sandra Bortolotti, scientific director and CEO Peter Frise, former director of external relations Stephanie Campeau, executive assistant Jan Stewart, and manager finance and administration Mary Anne Henderson. Absent: Raed Kadri, Kristie Pearce and Tina Hague.

Automotive research network produced results for industry and for Canadians

A reception Thursday celebrated the 15-year run of the AUTO21 Network of Centres of Excellence.

Eastern culture becoming Western mainstream: lecture

For centuries, Europeans migrated to the far corners of the globe, but since World War II, the pendulum has swung the other way, says Sushil Jain.

“It is the non-Europeans who are now mass migrating to European lands,” he says. “The West is being Easternized not only by the growing number of people from the East on their soils but also by Eastern, Far Eastern and Middle Eastern ideas, fashions, foods, art, literature, dance, music, religions, sports, media and culture in general becoming mainstream.”